About Us

The Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association:

  • is a member of both the Canadian Home Builders; Association and the Ontario Home Builders; Association

  • is dedicated to the provision of quality shelter for all

  • through its research and legislation activities, endeavours to make both new and existing housing more affordable and energy efficient

  • believes that the preservation of strong economic system, based on private enterprise, will enable Canadians to remain among the best housed people in the world

  • urges government to inspire customer confidence, vital to a produce industry, through good fiscal and monetary management

  • recognizes the inability of some Canadians to afford adequate housing because of low incomes and therefore does not oppose assistance for those persons while they require it

  • is opposed to the presence of government and Crown Corporations in the production, renovation or delivery of the same for that purpose, since experience confirms that better and lower cost housing can best be provided by the private sector.

Visit the Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association website: www.windsoressexhomebuilders.ca to find out more information and to become a member.

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